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Nisan 17, 2018
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Haziran 10, 2018

Buy Oticon Hearing Aids From Turkey With %15 Discount

İşitme Cihazlarının türleri ve fiyatları en iyi işitme cihazları uygun fiyatlarla Emy İşitme' de

How Can I Buy Hearing Aids From Turkey?

Emy hearing aids center is located in Ankara, Turkey. If you have a hearing loss you can contact us and buy Oticon hearing aids. Oticon is a Danish company which established 113 years ago. Oticon hearing aids are the highest quality and with low exchange rate of Turkish Lira to Euro or Dollar, our prices are significally lower compared to Europe or America.

İşitme Cihazı Fiyatları Cihaz Modeli ve Cihaz Türüne Göre Değişmektedir. Kulak İçi, Mini Kulak Arkası ve Kulak Arkası Cihazlar İşitme Kaybına ve Kişinin Tercihine Göre Satın Alınabilmektedir.

Do My Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Most of the insurance companies cover hearing aids at some portion. As Emy hearing aids we got patiences all over the word. Contact your insurance company and call us for free appointment. Choosing the best hearing aids for you is not hard with our hearing professionals.

Which Hearing Aids Are Better For Me?

There is not one answer for that. Most of the Oticon hearing aids can be fitted to a range of mild to profound hearing loss. If patience prefer to have a smaller and less visable hearing aid, he or she can prefer CIC(completely in ear channel) hearing aids. CIC hearing aids can be used up to 80 db(decibel) hearing losses.

En iyi işitme cihazlarına en uygun fiyatla sahip olun.

Oticon CIC hearing aids can be used up to 80 dB (Profound) hearing losses.

Degree of hearing loss is essential factor in choosing right hearing aids for you. BTE( behind  the ear) hearing aids can be fitted to all kinds and degrees of hearing loss. Tecnological advances made hearing aids a lot smaller then they used to be. Even if you have worries about the looks of hearing aids, you must never forget that hearing loss is a critical health issue.

Buy hearing aids from Turkey with discount.


Our hearing aids center is located in Turkey, Ankara. Our building provides parking spot. We also have elevator and disabled ramp.

For free appointment please call  +90312 419 00 46 or +90553 705 46 00

Send us your audiogram and our hearing professional recommend the best hearing aid for you without any charges.

Whatsapp contact  (+90553) 705 46 00

For your questions about hearing, tinnitus, devices and more please send us an e mail.

E- mail adress:

We will like to answer all your questions for free.

Our working hours are 09:30- 19:00 from monday to friday and 10:30-18:00 on saturdays.

You can click this link for further information about hearing loss and hearing aids.

İşitme cihazlarında Sgk ödemesi ile ilgili süreçle ilgili bilgi için tıklayınız. Bizlere her zaman (0312) 419 00 46 ve (0553) 705 46 00 no’lu telefonlardan ulaşabilirsiniz. We are always ready to answer your questions for free.

Click this link for info about tinnitus

Your children have hearing loss? Click for further info.

Click this link for details about hearing aids usage and maintenance



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